Summer Mountain Bike holidays

This year sees more and more ski resorts open their lifts so that you can experience a spectacular summer mountain bike holidays in the alps. So why then choose Chatel and the Portes du Soleil? The Portes du Soleil perhaps is one of the best know mountain bike areas in the Alps, brought to the forefront approximately 18 years ago in Les Gets. As a result of the World Cup being held here, the resort developed the resort from the publicity gained which spread across into Morzine which links  quite comfortably.

Ten years ago, Chatel started the development of the Pre Le Joux area along with Super Chatel, but Super Chatel has since closed due to land ownership issues and for the mountain bike development to be fully concentrated on in one area. The Bike Park at Chatel is possibly the best in the area, offering amazing challenges at all levels. It does appear across the whole of the Portes du Soleil, that new courses are aimed at the sublime and ridiculous which actually means the more main stream runs are free of those aiming to go by you or possibly over the top of you lol !!

Your Summer mountain bike holidays in Chatel are open to a whole list of opportunity. The Bike Park of Chatel maybe a big draw for many, but like me, the cross country or free riding routes from Chatel or around those undiscovered mountains are definitely what I am here for. Having been here for 10 years, getting away from the crowds is my main objective. Finding new single track or view points which culminate in awesome descents, what better is there?

As many resorts play catch up to Chatel and the Portes du Soleil, it is apparent that everyone now is improving thier game. The infrastructure is better, more riding schools are appearing and the work on the trails greatly improved. The weather last year was a disaster admittedly, but the last time it was that bad was over 50 years ago. Therefore, we are assuming the Summer mountain bike holidays here in Chatel this year will be back to normal with optimum temperature and great riding.