VTT Portes du Soleil 2015

As the snow falls in and around Chatel, the planning for the Summer continues. The 11 Feb 2015 saw registrations for the next VTT Portes du Soleil event sell out within minutes. 6000+ riders coming to the Portes du Soleil area for a weekend festival. The dates are confirmed as Fri 26th – Sun 28th June 2015. The main event is being hosted this year in Morzine but all villages have their own special shows going on. This weekend signifies the start of the Summer for mountain bikin in Chatel and the Portes du Soleil with all connecting valley lifts being opened. The lifts do open for the two weekends only before if weather is good and the routes are cleared. The beginning of the season ensures perfectly smooth tracks and definitely the best time of the year to hit the amazing Chatel bike park, free of brake bumps. Cure for brake bumps, is take everyone’s brakes off !! lol

It will be interesting this year counting British visitors to the Portes du Soleil as with the weather in the Alps last year being exceptionally uncharacteristically cruel, this may deter a lot of people this year. It appears that every resort is making all efforts now to attract the Mountain bike fraternity, but although popular, is certainly not as popular on the same scale as skiing. In ten years we have been here in Chatel though, we have noticed a massive increase in Summer business. Being an SMBLA Mountain bike leader and coach with a chalet adapted for mountain bikers including storage and cleaning areas has meant we have capitalised to date on the boom.

Noticeably in the past year or two, we have seen other nationalities coming to Chatel and staying. What this season beholds, I am not sure, but I do know that I will be riding regardless some amazing sweet single tracks that only I and a few others know 😉